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PRESENTspace is a local design collective that features a hand-selected vitrine of South Africa's most inspired creations. The store’s carefully curated collection of accessories, gifts, apparel, stationery and interior objets d'art are sourced from over 100 different designers and serves to showcase these talented individuals' finest work.


Originally intended as a seasonal pop-up shop that would cater to the ferocious appetites of Kloof street shoppers over the course of the festive season, PRESENTspace succeeded in answering the need for a niche gift shop that caters for Cape Town’s discerning clientele and ultimately grew into a family of fully-fledged stores.


Lolla Orchard (owner, proprietor and Chief Inspiration Ninja) believes that the success of the business can be attributed to a combination of great products and great relationships. "From the outset, PRESENTspace was set up to work for and with our designers. The store's look and feel is also part of its success - we may stock over a hundred different designers, but there is a common aesthetic thread that runs through it all, so customers always know what to expect," says Lolla. 

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